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Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant and Market

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Mahider Special & Taste of Mahider

Mahider Special

Beef & Chicken Combination
A combination platter of our three meat specialties: Doro Wot, Siga Wot and Siga Alicha.
A combination of Quanta Firfir and Kitfo.
Special Mahider Kitfo
Freshly minced lean beef seasoned with Mitmita* and Ethiopian butter traditionally served very rare. Served with Gomen and Freshly made cottage cheese.
Vegetarian Combination
A combination platter of our vegetarian dishes served with tomato salad.
Lamb Tibs 
Cubed pieces of marinated lamb sautéed in onion, jalapeño, and spiced butter.

Mahider Special

Taste Of Mahider

A dazzling array of Doro Wot (with one chicken leg), Siga Wot, Alicha, and Vegetarian dishes arranged on a large serving tray.

• One Person $14.99
• Two People $24.99
• Three People $34.99
• Four People $39.99
• Any Side Dishes $5.99

Mitmita* is a spicy powdered seasoning made from African bird's-eye chili peppers.

Taste of Mahider Platter